Contour Eyeshadow Eyebrow Lips Brushes

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5 Color Movie Game of Thrones Makeup Brush Set Soft Synthetic Collection Kit with Powder Contour Eyeshadow Eyebrow Lips Brushes


1.The brush set contains different fashion design brushes, which is practical and can meet your basic needs of daily application.

2.Made up of high quality material, which is durable to use and will provide great care for your skin. 3.No fading and no hair dropping brushes boost and present your life taste. 4.Its colorful brush hair is fashionable and attractive, it will not fading or dropping, you can use longer time. 5.Ideal for the application of powder, foundation, blush, concealer and other uses for face, eyes,etc Details:

Products name: Game of Thrones makeup brushes set

Hair Material:Soft Synthetic Fiber Hair

Handle:Metal Alloy Handle

Size and net weight:

Size:3.4*15.6cm (240g)

Usage:Makeup Artist/Studio/Salon/Beauty/School/Home/Travel

Package Including: 8pcs/Set Makeup Brushes (according to the picture you choose) Packed safely in Bubble Bag and Flannel bag ​ If you like this item,please add it to your “Wish List” If you like our store,please add it to your “Store List”

More new models will be updated……

How to use makeup brush?

Foundation brush

Foundation brush,suitable for foundation makeup,take a proper amount of liquid foundation,you can brush out a uniform natural foundation.

powder brush

Powder brush,used for powder,loose powder,powder cake,mainly for setting makeup.

Shadow Brush

Most of the Shadow Brush are such angled brushes,which are suitable for modifying the contours of the face on both sides of the face. are such angled brushes, which are suitable for modifying the contours of the face on both sides of the face.

Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush, eyebrow brush is usually like this with a beveled corner, easy to outline the eyebrows, and fill the color.

Lip brush

The lip brush can accurately contour the lips,making the lips fuller.

Eye shadow brush

The eye shadow brush is a tool for creating eye makeup,which can be colored and smudged.

Blush brush

You can brush out the natural transparent blush, smudge the face blush, making the blush more natural.

Fan brush

used to sweep away excess powder on the face

Eyeshadow stick

used to paint thick color eyeshadow

Eyelash brush

trimming eyelashes or repairing eyebrows

How to clean the makeup brush?

1. First use a cold water tap to wet the brush head, which will slow the adhesion of the cosmetics on the brush. Be careful not to let the water get on the handle, preventing the water from entering the inside through the gap of the handle and causing mold.

2. Brush the soap with the brush head and circle it back and forth on the palm of your hand. Don’t use too much force. It is best not to wash directly with your hands.

3. Finally clean the foam. After washing, try to squeeze out the water from the brush and rub it a few times. Dry the water on the handle with a towel.

4. Put the makeup brush from the handle end into the makeup brush cover, fix it in the brush head position, and place the brush head down to dry it.

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Makeup Brush

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Wool Fiber

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